Multidisciplinary Artist Warren Miles Takes Readers on an Unforgettable Journey with Debut Poetry Book "Poems for the Lonesome"

Multidisciplinary artist Warren Miles debuts "Poems for the Lonesome," a heartfelt collection of enchanting verses and evocative illustrations. Inspired by his love of hip hop lyricism and Shel Silverstein's classics, Miles invites readers on a journey through love, loss, and the beauty of nature. Published by ShortStack Publishing, this personal and relatable poetry book is available on Amazon now.

Portland, OR, June 14, 2023 --( Warren Miles, a creative force hailing from Portland, Oregon, unveils his highly anticipated debut poetry book, "Poems for the Lonesome." This heartfelt collection, born out of personal experiences and artistic exploration, promises to captivate readers with its enchanting verses and evocative illustrations.

Warren Miles has traversed various artistic realms, from his early days as a professional skateboarder in Orem, Utah, to his ventures as a musician, filmmaker, and even a contributor to the development of electric skateboards. Now, he channels his creative energy into the world of poetry, infusing it with a modern twist inspired by his love for hip hop lyricism.

In "Poems for the Lonesome," Miles aims to conjure the spirit of Shel Silverstein's timeless classics, such as "Where the Sidewalk Ends." The book embraces the charm and whimsy of its predecessors while adding a contemporary layer of introspection and wordplay. Each poem, meticulously crafted with intricate rhyme schemes, invites readers on a journey through the labyrinthine corridors of their own imagination.

The pages of "Poems for the Lonesome" overflow with a diverse tapestry of human emotions and experiences. From psychedelic forays to sorrowful contemplations, callous observations to jubilant celebrations, and even moments of biting cynicism, Miles invites readers to embrace the multifaceted nature of existence. Love and loss, longing and remembrance, mental health and the simplicity of nature's beauty - all find their place within the collection.

As you turn the pages, you'll discover key poems that leave an indelible mark on the soul. In "Baby Bird," Miles tenderly captures the essence of healing and growth with heartfelt verses:

"I found a little baby bird
that had a broken wing
The little baby bird was scared
she’d never fly or sing
So I held the little baby bird
to help to ease the sting
Told my baby bird
that every fall leads to a better spring..."

Through the powerful words of "Super Babe," he weaves a tale of longing and admiration for an unattainable love:

"Somewhere deep in an Arctic cave
Is a super girl
I wish would save me
Out of this world
with laser rays
that shoot out her eyes for days and days..."

"Heroes" challenges conventional notions, reminding us that heroism lies not solely in individuals but in transformative moments of inspiration:

"Never meet your heroes
cuz you’ll never really know them
Heroism isn’t men and women
it’s a moment
of inspiration from beyond
An instrument is chosen
and given chance to act designed
before it’s bent or broken"

And in "Daffodil," Miles showcases the beauty and healing power of love in a charming and heartfelt manner:

"I love you little daffodil
Adore your look
and way you feel
I’m just a dork and no big deal
but a whiff of you
and I am well..."

"Poems for the Lonesome" invites readers of all backgrounds to explore the depth and breadth of human experience. It delves into modern subjects like climate change, social media, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence, offering poetic perspectives on their effects on our ever-evolving psyches and mental well-being.

Warren Miles shares his personal motivation for bringing this collection to life, stating, "I have always wanted to write poetry since I was a kid. I remember writing a rhyming poem for a crush in 6th grade and getting rejected for it. It broke my little heart, and I hid my love for rhyming for many years. In 2013, I realized that rhyming is a gift not everyone possesses, and it prompted me to write as much as I could. Now, after a decade of honing my craft, I'm excited to share some of my best work so far and encourage aspiring rhymers of all ages to let their voices be heard."

With its profound and thought-provoking verses, "Poems for the Lonesome" offers a deeply personal and relatable experience. Whether you find solace in its pages, resonate with its insights, or simply enjoy the artistry of wordplay, this collection will leave an indelible impression.

Published by ShortStack Publishing LLC, "Poems for the Lonesome" is available in paperback format, comprising 111 pages. To acquire a copy, visit Amazon or your local bookstore. ISBN: 979-8392057108.

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