Author Kendall D. Gott's New Audiobook, "Gone to Kansas 1856," is a Gripping Novel That Follows One Man's Journey to Find His Place Within the Wild Kansas Territories

Recent audiobook release “Gone to Kansas 1856: Fire and Tribulation: The Sequel to Gone to Kansas 1855: A Historical Novel,” from Audiobook Network author Kendall D. Gott, is a captivating novel that centers around the adventures of young Hiram Lockwood, who sets out for a better life and finds himself in the midst of the tumultuous Kansas Territories during the mid-19th century.

Leavenworth, KS, July 07, 2023 --( Kendall D. Gott, a retired army officer and a retired senior historian of the Combat Studies Institute at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, has completed his new audiobook, “Gone to Kansas 1856: Fire and Tribulation: The Sequel to Gone to Kansas 1855: A Historical Novel”: a fascinating story of a young man who leaves behind his old life in search of something grander, only to find himself caught in the dangerous crossfires of Kansas where only his closest of friends can be trusted.

Gott writes, “In ‘Gone to Kansas, 1855,’ young Hiram Lockwood left a broken family and St. Louis to seek his fortunes on the frontier in Kansas Territory and on the Santa Fe Trail. In ‘Kansas 1856’, Hiram is shedding his greenhorn ways and gaining experience as a muleskinner and stage driver. Soon he finds himself in the midst of the turbulent times of ‘Bleeding Kansas,’ where a man could be shot for not being ‘on the right side of the goose.’ Surrounded by rogues, miscreants, and border trash, Hiram must rely on himself and a few friends to thread his way.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Kendall D. Gott’s new audiobook book is a stunning and poignant coming-of-age novel that will transport listeners back to the western territories, where the law often had no meaning and danger lurked around every corner. Expertly paced and character-driven, Gott weaves a compelling tale that will keep listeners in suspense, eager for more as Hiram’s journeys slowly unfold.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Gone to Kansas 1856: Fire and Tribulation: The Sequel to Gone to Kansas 1855: A Historical Novel” by Kendall D. Gott through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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