Visitor Guard® Announces Rate Increases in Visitor Insurance for Summer 2023 Travel

Visitor Guard® Announces Rate Increases in Visitor Insurance for Summer 2023 Travel
Richmond, VA, July 13, 2023 --( Visitor Guard®, a premier provider of travel insurance services, has announced anticipated rate increases in visitor insurance for summer 2023 travel. The company provides top plans like Safe Travel USA Comprehensive, Patriot America, and Atlas America, particularly beneficial for parents visiting the USA.

Operated by The Guard Company, LLC, Visitor Guard® has been a trusted name in the industry since 2003, offering comprehensive insurance solutions to visitors in the USA, Canada, and abroad. The company is dedicated to protecting the health, life, and interests of visitors, new immigrants, international students, and exchange students.

In light of the predicted rate increase, Visitor Guard® is proactively alerting its customers and the public. This move reinforces the company's commitment to transparency and customer service.

"Travel insurance is an essential part of trip planning, especially in these uncertain times," said Pallavi Sadekar from Visitor Guard®. "We are committed to keeping our clients informed about changes that may affect their travel plans. By announcing the rate increases well ahead, we aim to help travelers budget effectively."

The rate increases are due to several factors, including rising healthcare costs and changes in the global insurance market. Despite the increase, Visitor Guard® reassures customers of their continued commitment to offering excellent value and comprehensive coverage.

For parents visiting the USA, Visitor Guard® best seller plans include Safe Travel USA Comprehensive, Patriot America and Atlas America plans. These plans offer broad coverage and have consistently received positive reviews for their value and extensive benefits.

"Our team of experienced, licensed insurance professionals is ready to assist customers in navigating these changes and understanding how they might impact their travel insurance coverage," Pallavi added. "Despite the rate increases, we remain dedicated to providing top-quality insurance solutions."

Visitor Guard® encourages travelers, particularly parents visiting the USA, to speak with a licensed insurance professional to discuss their specific needs and understand the best insurance options available for them. The company also provides an online platform where customers can compare various insurance plans from different carriers and plan administrators.

Considering the rate increase announcement, Visitor Guard® advises travelers planning for summer 2023 to start considering their travel insurance options sooner rather than later. Early planning will enable travelers to budget appropriately and ensure they have adequate coverage for their trip.

About Visitor Guard®:

Visitor Guard® is a trusted insurance agency operated by The Guard Company, LLC. Based in Virginia, USA, the company holds a VA insurance agency license (# 135729) and has served the insurance industry since 2003. Visitor Guard® specializes in designing, marketing, selling, and servicing insurance plans from multiple insurance carriers and plan administrators, catering to the unique needs of visitors to the USA, new immigrants, international students, and exchange students.

For more information about Visitor Guard®, the upcoming rate increases, please visit or contact us at +1(804) 325-1385.
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