Nordic Craft Beer from Finland in a Can

Helsinki, Finland, June 08, 2008 --( Mallaskoski Brewery (FIN) brings canned Nordic craft beer to the market.

Mallaskoski Brewery Ltd. (Seinäjoki, FINLAND) renews its beer image for its Kuohu branded craft beer. The change is targeted to emphasize the true nature of the Mallaskoski craft beer, its Nordic origin together with its premium qualities.

In the future all Mallaskoski beers will be presented with the "Nordic Craft Beer From Finland" text printed on the Kuohu beer cans. The objective is to make Nordic craft beer to stand out from the bulk beers in order to help consumers to better find premium quality beers.

Craft beer is a widely spread term to describe small, independent and traditional microbreweries and brewpubs.

Mallaskoski is a craft brewery re-established in 1998 during the last upswing of the Finnish microbreweries. Mallaskoski has, however, its roots in the early 1920’s when its predecessor Mallaskoski Factories brewed beer at the same location. This company was then later bought by bigger players and finally it was shot down in the mid-1960’s. After 30 years of “dry period” the new Mallaskoski opened up again and still continues the local brewing tradition by respecting the existing local brewing heritage. As earlier, also today Mallaskoski brews its beer without additives based on the German Reinheitsgebot and using only the best of the special malts, all of Nordic origin. The uniqueness of all Mallaskoski beers is that it still uses the same yeast in its all-malt beers that was used already in the 1940’s by Mallaskoski Factories.

”There are differences amongst beers and now we can loudly interpret this to the public”, comments Managing Director Markus Lyyra from Mallaskoski Brewery Ltd. the use of the craft beer terminology in their beers.

”Already for few years we have empahasized that our beer is truly Nordic. We have produced beers using special Nordic ingredients to bring local flavors to our beers. For example, our Nordic Winter Brew in 2006 was a very dark winter lager beer where we added rye malt to the brew and birch sap to the boiling water. Another experiment was in 2007 when we gave a typical English Brown Ale a very Nordic touch by adding rye malt to the malt mix - Nordic Brown Ale with a whole new taste was born! Now we want to expand this Nordic theme to cover all of our beers as we believe the Nordic brings added value both to us and to our customers. Hopefully our example encourages other craft breweries to follow us!” Lyyra continues.

More information:

Oy Mallaskoski Ab
Managing Director Markus Lyyra
Tel. +358 400 210 169

Mallaskoski Brewery Ltd.
Markus Lyyra