The Appalachian Performing Arts Academy Announces Partnership with Blue Ridge Comedy Club for Four Unique Courses

The Appalachian Performing Arts Academy Announces Partnership with Blue Ridge Comedy Club for Four Unique Courses
Bristol, TN, July 22, 2023 --( The Appalachian Performing Arts Academy (APAA), in partnership with the Blue Ridge Comedy Club, is thrilled to unveil four innovative courses focused on nurturing storytelling and performance skills. With this exciting collaboration, APAA continues its commitment to provide quality performing arts education within the vibrant creative hub of the Blue Ridge Comedy Club, located at 620 State Street.

The new offerings cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced learners, and present a diverse range of classes under the expert guidance of Michael Gerber, the Artistic Director of APAA.

The lineup of courses includes:
1. Personal Narratives in Performance: A transformative two-part course that helps students convert their personal experiences into compelling monologues for live performance.
2. Dive into Comedy Improv: A one-day intensive workshop that introduces participants to the thrilling world of spontaneous storytelling and humor.
3. Physical Comedy & Stage Combat 101: A one-day, three-hour intensive course that offers a safe, guided introduction to the world of physical comedy and stage combat.
4. Long-Form Comedy Improv Mastery: This one-day, three-hour intensive course is designed for budding and seasoned actors seeking a deeper understanding of comedic acting.

In addition, APAA offers personalized coaching sessions tailored to each student's unique needs, helping to amplify their voice and unlock their potential.

“Each of these courses, co-hosted with Blue Ridge Comedy Club, are designed to empower individuals to express their unique voices and stories in an authentic, compelling manner,” says Michael Gerber. “We believe in the power of personalized learning experiences and are committed to guiding each participant in their creative journey.”

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About Appalachian Performing Arts Academy (APAA)
The APAA is a leading institution based in Bristol, TN, offering comprehensive courses and coaching in writing, acting, public speaking, and performance. In partnership with Blue Ridge Comedy Club, APAA is committed to providing a vibrant and supportive learning environment that helps students hone their skills and reach their creative potential.

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