Launches a Brand New Website to Help Consumers Find Credit Cards with Rewards

JHP Media LLC, in response to the growing number of credit card choices that continue to confuse consumers in the United States, has launched a new & much improved website to the public. Launches a Brand New Website to Help Consumers Find Credit Cards with Rewards
Parma, OH, June 09, 2008 --( As frustration grows among consumers who are in search of credit cards with maximal rewards and minimal cost, JHP Media LLC, a privately held online media company based in Parma, OH, today launches a brand new website. The website, located at, features an easy-to-use credit card finder tool and a wide collection of polls on mostly discussed credit card topics.

According to Thomas Huang, JHP Media's VP of marketing, "This new website ensures great customers experience by improving functionality and appearance while also creates value to visitors by including a wide range of over 150 credit card choices. The website now features superior accessibility, interactivity and an overall enhanced design and layout."

Since the introduction of first credit card, the little plastic has evolved from a simple means of payment to a tool managing personal finance and investment. The average number of bank cards per American household is 19.3 in 2005, according to To address the difficulty that regular consumers encounter while choosing from hundreds of different credit cards, features a unique credit card finder tool, a very powerful search engine beneath an easy-to-use interface that brings consumer to the right card no matter what feature is the top preference: cash back, points reward, mileage rewards, low interest etc. The tool could also handle a combination of feature preferences, for example, low interest + cash rewards. offers the first credit card finder on the web that covers the widest range of credit card rewards categories.

In addition, also features a collection of polls that covers a wide range of credit card related topics. This feature is unique in that it collects and publishes first-hand experience of credit card users regarding service quality, rewards, and other aspects of a specific credit card. The polls are open to all visitors and do not expire. "The results of the polls", as pointed out by Thomas, "could be used to guide potential credit card users to get more information before actually applying for a card."

About is an online credit card community connecting consumers with multiple credit card issuers, including top six largest in the United States, based on credit card transaction volume. Through its website,, helps consumers find credit card offers that fit their needs using online tools such as credit card finder and credit card polls, and offers credit card issuers an online channel to acquire qualified applicants.

Thomas Huang