Café Roma Partners with the School of Champions for Summer Camp

Local pizzeria and pub, Cafe Roma has donated $9000 pesos to help send Puerto Vallarta children to summer camp. The School of Champions, a local non-profit after-school program for impoverished children, is offering a free summer camp to to the children who live in the areas surrounding the municipal dump. Many donations are needed to send them all to camp where they will have an opportunity to learn subjects like English, art, dancing and swimming.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, June 11, 2008 --( Local Business Provides Much Needed Funding and Fun Field Trips for PV’s Underprivileged Children.

Local charity and after-school program School of Champions, operated by the Children of the Dump wishes to publicly thank local businessman Sr. Fox, owner of Café Roma, pizzeria and pub, for his ongoing efforts to provide education and fun outings to some of Puerto Vallarta’s poorest children.

Since April, 2008, Fox has invited more than 200 children in groups of 35 to 40 weekly to Café Roma for fun afternoons filled with pizza and entertainment. Most recently Café Roma made a generous donation of $9000 pesos to help send the children to the School of Champions summer camp program, beginning July 14th. While the summer camp is free for the children living in Puerto Vallarta’s most impoverished colonias, the cost to provide the camp amounts to approximately $200 pesos per child. Thanks to Café Roma and Sr. Fox, 45 children will be able to spend a month learning subjects like dancing, arts & crafts, swimming and English instead of spending the summer at home with nothing to do.

The School of Champions is a non-profit program run under the well known Children of the Dump organization. The school, situated several blocks from the municipal dump, offers a free after-school program in the subjects of English, computers and math in the hopes that the education the children receive will result in high paying jobs and a desire to continue to higher education.

With more than 100 children expected to attend the camp, many more donations are needed to accommodate them all. Local businesses and residents are encouraged to donate even $200 pesos to send a child to camp. Additionally, if residents would like to volunteer for the summer camp or to teach in the fall, they are encouraged to take a tour of the school and surrounding areas, available every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon with Director Art Fumerton.

If you would like to volunteer, take a tour or make a donation to help with any of the Children of the Dump’s programs, please contact Arthur Fumerton at 044 (322) 158-8815 or email (

About Café Roma

Café Rome is located at Calle Encino, #287 in El Centro, Puerto Vallarta. You can find out more about Sr. Fox and Café Roma at

About the Children of the Dump

The Children of the Dump was founded in 1998, originally as Feed the Children Vallarta. Through private donations, the program feeds more than 2,300 children daily, operates nine day care centers and an after-school program for grades 3 through 6; teaching them English, math and computers. The goal of the Children of the Dump is to ensure education through grade nine and to educate the children of Puerto Vallarta in the skills necessary to rise above poverty.

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