TVS Television Network Returns to Broadcast TV with Classic and Current Sports Programming in Fall 2023

The fourth oldest broadcast TV network in the USA began transmitting sports on broadcast TV in 1960. After years of concentrating on home video, cable, and then streaming platforms, TVS is adding back broadcast TV to its worldwide platforms.

California City, CA, September 01, 2023 --( TVS Television Network, which began transmitting sports programming to broadcast stations in 1960, is resuming a regular sports schedule on broadcast TV in Fall 2023. TVS is the fourth oldest broadcast TV network in the USA.

Programming for the regular daily transmission of sports will include the classic sports originally produced by TVS as well as current sports. TVS was noted for decades for coverage of college basketball, NASL Soccer, IWA Wrestling, LPBA Bowling, LPGA Golf, Championship Boxing, NASCAR, ATP Tennis, Virginia Slims Tennis, WFL Football, PBA Regional Bowling, PGA Senior Golf, Arena Football, ABA Basketball, Grand Prix Racing, and Pro Rodeo. All of these programs will appear in the classic sports section of the TVS Television Network.

More than 500 new shows will be produced in the first year of the revived channel. TVS First Look Originals will include Roller Derby, Arm Wrestling, Off Road Racing, Ice Skating, Jai Alai, Semi Truck Racing, Weight Lifting, Pro Wrestling, 3 on 3 Basketball, One Club Golf, Challenge Cup Bowling, TVS Boxing After Dark, TVS Ring of Their Own (women boxing), and other proprietary sports events.

In addition, the award winning TVS Sports Showcase series, TVS Distant Replay, and TVS TeleSports Digest will feature new episodes.

TVS Television Network currently operates forty 24/7 streaming FAST channels on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. TVS also operates 48 AVOD streaming channels on Daily Motion. In addition TVS Records has several hundred originally produced songs of the 20th Century on major streaming platforms worldwide.

TVS Global Media is located in California City, with a TV ranch in Cantil, CA and TVS studios in Hollywood, Bakersfield, Reno, Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Atlanta.
TVS Television Network
Tom Ficara