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Summa Networks Releases New Version of Its Extended and Converged Control Plane

Summa Networks Releases New Version of Its Extended and Converged Control Plane
Madrid, Spain, September 05, 2023 --( Summa Networks, the market specialist in Subscribers, Policy, Identity and Connectivity management solutions, has announced a new release of its NextGen HSS which allows carriers to manage their subscribers seamlessly between 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

Summa Networks NextGen HSS was launched as a solution which already included a fully featured LTE HSS, IMS HSS and HLR from a single software suite. The product has seen several evolutions during the years to even better fit the requirements of mobile operators, MVNOs, MVNEs and companies working in the IoT, M2M and automotive sector.

Summa Networks now offers a Converged and Extended Control Plane which includes not only an interoperable HLR, HSS and SDM software suite, but also other mobile core network elements such as AAA, PCRF and PCF.

Summa Networks new NextGen HSS version includes:

Comprehensive MMTEL functionality, to share the settings of supplementary services (such as voicemail) between 3G and 4G, improving customer experience by allowing seamless phone features regardless of the network.

IMS interworking between 4G and 5G SA, allowing voice continuity in sessions when a subscriber changes network between IMS and LTE.

Multi-IMSI/MSISDN for VoLTE (Unified management of Public User Identities). This feature allows users to have different identities using the same device or SIM card.

Enhanced network access security using GUSS (GBA User Security Settings via Zh for BSF), to implement Generic Authentication Architecture (GAA) described in ETSI TS 33.220 standard.

Extended compliance with 3GPP Release 13 to 15 by implementing the protocols relevant for IoT, specially:

S6t (connection to SCEF), S6m (connection to IWF), S6n (connection to AAA) for IoT MTC

S6c for SMS over IP

Improved architecture for scalability up to tenths of millions active subscribers

“These evolutions are possible thanks to the fact that our software was developed from scratch so we have full control of our product roadmap. This allows us to deliver high quality software at a very fast pace, so our customers can enjoy new features without undesirable delays,” says Oscar Perez, CTO of Summa Networks. “Our team is also putting constant effort on QA, for which we are able to issue quality software versions with no regression.”

Javier Martin, CEO of Summa Networks, said: “Our continuous roadmap evolution reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology to our customers, always driven by 3GPP and ETSI standards. The most remarkable result is that most features come from current customers' needs and requests, which demonstrates our successful strategy of open roadmap and collaboration. The product enhancements and added scalability confirm its suitability for operators of all sizes.”

About Summa Networks

Summa Networks is the market specialist in Subscriber, Policy, Identity and Connectivity Management solutions. Our mission is to guide carriers of all sizes and types in their transition towards 5G and beyond, while they still need to operate on 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G NSA. Our trusted extended and converged control plane solution, including an HLR, HSS for LTE, HSS for IMS, UDR, UDM, AUSF, PCRF, PCF provided in a single piece of software, has a numerous set of features like AUC, EIR, DNS/ENUM, Lawful Interception (HSM), AAA, NSS-AAS. Cost-effective as software optimises the use of hardware resources, our solution is suitable for MNOs, MVNOs, MVNE/As, Private LTE, IoT networks and satellite communications.

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