Blackwell Set to Release His Follow Up CD, Heartbreak on Sunset Urban Records

New York, NY, June 12, 2008 --( Blackwell set to release his follow up CD, Heartbreak on Sunset Urban Records. The spirit of Christopher Wallace and Tupac Shakur was always with Michael Blackwell with hints of their styles found on his debut album, Un4givable and their untimely deaths have always obsessed Blackwell. Heartbreak is an epic full length CD, packed from beginning to end with high level melodic hip hop anthems, but moreover, is filled with stories of his life and a feeling of appreciation for the hip hop greats in music. The opening song of Where It All Started Pt. 2 does just that for Blackwell as he introduces the story of picking up where he left off last time. “I’m Your Puppet 2008” is another example of this evolving artist and Don Lichterman, the head of Sunset Urban and Sunset Records celebrates the CD in a jovial tone saying that “we have a very well orchestrated, colorful and melodic CD to release to radio, press and retail” this summer.

What's on the CD is that melodic blend of colorful music production, excellent harmonies coupled with a gritty vocal expressing his unwavering and accessible stories about life. There are also more blends of obvious posturing for people's needs for material items, but that is life. All in all, Heartbreak shows the journey of people's lives which has naturally brought music lovers a capricious mix of great melodic tunes ("Tha Way", "Lost But Found", "Question Remix") that all boast guest vocal harmonies (Abigail Tosca, Crystal Ann, Lil Dynomite) that take you on a great melodic ride throughout the entire CD.

The production level is perfect and at a high level. Don Lichterman has opened up ways for Blackwell to be able to deliver some of the most charming and opaque hiphop beats along with great harmonies that will most definitely be heard all over top urban radio stations. Heartbreak is just as fierce as his debut Un4giveable CD. Blackwell’s songs on this brand new studio CD are melodic and perfectly constructed rap songs. Samples are non existent yet replaced by the beautiful guest vocalists. One of the most effective things about Blackwell’s new CD is the use of his own songs from his initial CD. “Where It All Started, Pt 2” and “I’m Your Puppet 2008” are just a few ways to continue the story of Blackwell.

The lyrics throughout Heartbreak are concise and consistent to his message from his initial CD to this new CD. Blackwell has lived much of the life he raps about on Heartbreak. His feelings about life and persecution are what can actually make you strong in life. He is not necessarily talking about “gangsta life” in his raps, he is talking about life that seems to ring true in any city, town and in many families. When he and Lil Dynomite rap "Why’s the government still depressing us, politicians every day second guessing us, why the cops gotta be pressing us, why the hell aint anyone blessing us, why are the parents abusing us," it’s to send a message about ways for all walks of life to grow stronger no matter what’s happens. In other songs, he talks about relationships and how it is to use the “L” word and his friendships while growing up in his neighborhood.

While Blackwell has a bunch of female guests on Heartbreak, that really work, his remarks of praise towards woman are scattered on the CD – “You gotta keep giving…keep giving” which is very refreshing to hear in lyrics on hiphop songs. The entire CD blends his hardcore vocal rap with the harmonic sounds of his female vocalists he has featured on the Heartbreak CD. He does express his love for family and his wanting to be in love and in a great relationship. Much like the sound of 2Pac and Biggie, Blackwell makes does not hide about rapping in ambiguous ways. What he wants to say in his songs, he does it in a very tactful way.

“What it comes down to today in music is the substance of an entire album,” says (Don) Lichterman, “Heartbreak is a one of those albums you will keep on your iPod forever if you love this style of music” “A lot of the newer urban groups rap about addressing many great issues in life while still making accessible music to groove too,” Lichterman continues to say after being asked about the landscape of music today. “I just want something not only at a top level and with color; I also look to see what is off the normal beaten track no matter what genre of music we work at Sunset.”

Blackwell quotes that he is "always working on music all of the time and I am always down for adding my vocals and my rhymes with anyone of these artists that are on this CD." We are not only left with great understanding about Blackwell on this current Heartbreak, CD, this album is clearly produced by an artist that continues to develop his great rap in 2008.

Sunset Records
Don Lichterman