Company Partners with Firms to Lower Workers' Compensation Premiums

Sacramento, CA, June 12, 2008 --( Since 1979 National Insurance Application Systems, Inc. has focused solely on developing automated systems to lower Workers' Compensation premiums. These efforts, in conjunction with two of the nations' largest workers' compensation insurers', resulted in the development of a unique web based system called AcuComp.

NIAS, Inc. is the only firm in the nation whose results have been audited over a five year period by a state insurance department. The results were proven conclusively by an independent third party that AcuComp does improve loss ratios an average of 30% and permanently lowers experience modifiers together with premiums an average of 28.5% over time.

NIAS, Inc. president, James B. Conant, said, "Since 1995, the AcuComp system has confirmed and documented 36,674 Workers' Compensation claim file reserve reductions for unit statistical plan file purposes. This activity generated $307,353,499 in claim file reductions thereby lowering experience modifiers an average of 28.5 points".

NIAS, Inc. is not a contingency firm. They are a fee based company so the majority of savings will always belong to the insured. A no cost, no obligation analysis is offered to potential clients. All that is needed are copies of "loss runs" and "experience modification worksheets" to determine if they can be of help in lowering premiums.

To find out more about lowering Workers' Compensation Insurance premiums contact Dave Brush, Certified Workers' Compensation Analyst, at (209)239-3039 or email (please include the phrase "No Cost WC Analysis" in the subject line).

"We don't sell insurance, we make the insurance you have more affordable."

NIAS Group
Dave Brush