Author Frances Smith's New Audiobook, "Growing Up While Going Down the Rabbit Hole," Explores the Author’s Childhood and Trials Throughout Her First Twenty Years of Life

Recent audiobook release “Growing Up While Going Down the Rabbit Hole” from Audiobook Network author Frances Smith is a compelling autobiographical account of the author’s childhood memories that follows her as she faces incredible adversities along the way and finds herself falling down an emotional downward spiral while approaching adulthood.

Fountain, CO, January 12, 2024 --( Frances Smith has completed her new audiobook, “Growing Up While Going Down the Rabbit Hole”: a fascinating memoir that details the author’s experiences as a child and documents her upbringing, as well as the challenges that life presented her throughout the years, all while she held onto her childhood spirit that has remained with her through every step of the way.

Born and raised in a small town in Kansas, author Frances Smith’s professional identity includes that of student, soldier, civil servant, postal employee, and besides author, most recently a retiree. On a personal level, the author is also a mother of a daughter and two sons and a grandmother of five grandchildren. She has a special affinity for animals, especially cats, and enjoys an esteemed reputation among friends and family of turning out delicious meals from her kitchen. Smith’s philosophy of there always being enough for another plate at the supper table is well-known and frequently availed.

Smith shares, “The book is a narrative about my childhood, told from my perspective as the child I was (not from the perspective of the adult I would become). It spans the first twenty years of my life and incorporates anecdotes to illustrate points being made or explain ideas being conveyed. The book contains a balanced number of quite humorous situations to those heavy in somber seriousness, and many revelations somewhere in between on the emotional spectrum; this done as an honest sharing of my childhood and in hopes of broadening the book’ appeal to a spectrum of readers as wide as possible.

“This book was an effort to connect with anyone who has faced adversity, real or perceived, with the hope of edifying the reader by obliterating a possible sense of isolation resulting from trauma and unhappiness. The book was also a prelude to a continuation of my life's story in the form of a second book, with the hopes of sufficiently stoking the reader's curiosity that they would want to know more about how my life played out, and if their suppositions proved to be correct or not.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Frances Smith’s new audiobook is a poignant and heartfelt account as seen through the eyes of the child who lived it. Expertly paced and deeply personal, Smith blends together the perfect mix of sincerity and humor to weave an intimate self-portrait that is certain to remain with listeners long after its stirring conclusion and leave them eager for the next chapter in the author’s life story.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Growing Up While Going Down the Rabbit Hole” by Frances Smith through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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