New Insights Into Gas Company Phone Scams: Tellows Analyzing Their Deceptive Tactics

In the dynamic landscape of phone scams, gas company fraud has emerged as a significant threat, targeting consumers with increasingly sophisticated tactics. In response to this growing concern, tellows Insights, a leading source of caller information, unveils critical insights, statistics, and protective measures against these scams.

London, United Kingdom, January 20, 2024 --( Understanding the Landscape: The Surge of Gas Company Scams

Recent tellows data reveals a concerning reality—out of all calls related to gas companies, a mere 17% were deemed positive, while a staggering 83% were flagged as negative. This surge in scam attempts necessitates heightened awareness and protective measures.

Key Insights: Tactics Employed by Scammers

Official Gas Company Phone Numbers: Identification of official numbers for services like installation and customer support.

Scammers' Tactics: Exploration of deceptive methods employed by scammers, including the creation of fake gas companies.

Empowering Consumers: Provide solutions, such as caller ID apps, to empower consumers against potential scams.

Distribution of Gas Company Phone Numbers: tellows Insights
It's vital to note that official communications from gas and power companies primarily occur through email, allowing users to cross-reference information for legitimacy.

Key Signs of Energy Scams: Ensuring Consumer Vigilance
Understanding the hallmarks of energy scams is crucial. Consumers are urged to be vigilant and watch out for:

Deals that seem too good to be true.

Undue pressure to transfer money hastily.

Unconventional payment requests.

Suspicions of dealing with a fake company.

Requests for sensitive information like passwords or PINs.

Spotting the Scam: Vigilance as Your Best Ally
Vigilance is paramount against energy scams. If a deal appears overly lucrative or there's pressure to transfer money urgently, consumers are advised to tread carefully. Caution with unusual payment requests and never sharing personal information like passwords or PINs are emphasized. If something feels off, it probably is.

Empowering Consumers with tellows: A Robust Ally
In the battle against unknown calls, emerges as a robust ally. It provides a platform to evaluate unknown numbers, helping users decipher the nature of incoming calls. The tellows iOS and Android apps offer real-time identification of unknown calls—a crucial resource for swiftly blocking fraudulent numbers in the dynamic landscape of gas company scams.

About tellows
tellows, a trusted consumer protection platform, provides solutions to identify unknown calls. The tellows app for caller ID and blocking is available for Android and iOS. With a database containing 1.9 million telephone number ratings, tellows serves over 9 million monthly users in more than 50 countries. Explore more about tellows at

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Note to Editors: The information provided is based on a comprehensive study conducted by tellows on Gas company related phone call scams in the USA. For additional insights and data, please contact the tellows editorial team.
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