MENADNA and ProPhase Labs' (NASDAQ: PRPH) Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, Nebula Genomics, Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Genomic Testing in Jordan, Oman and Iraq

MENADNA Inc., has entered into an exclusive partnership with ProPhase Labs' subsidiary, Nebula Genomics, aiming to advance genomic testing in Jordan, Oman, and Iraq. This collaboration will leverage Nebula Genomics' advanced sequencing technologies and MENADNA's bioinformatics capabilities to improve the quality and relevance of genomic data in these historically underserved regions.

MENADNA and ProPhase Labs' (NASDAQ: PRPH) Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, Nebula Genomics, Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Genomic Testing in Jordan, Oman and Iraq
Pleasanton, CA, March 18, 2024 --( MENADNA Inc., a leader in the field of bioinformatics and genetic testing focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, proudly announces an exclusive partnership with Nebula Genomics, a trailblazer in personalized genome sequencing. This pivotal collaboration designates MENADNA as the exclusive partner of Nebula Genomics in Jordan, Oman, and Iraq, with an ambitious plan for future expansion.

This partnership, spearheaded by MENADNA's CEO, Dr. Bassam El Fahmawi, aims to bridge the significant gap in genomic testing within Jordan, Oman and Iraq. Leveraging Nebula Genomics' advanced sequencing technologies alongside MENADNA's proprietary bioinformatics pipeline, the alliance is set to significantly enhance the quality and relevance of genomic data for the region, which has been historically underserved in global genome-wide association studies (GWAS).

Partnership Highlights:

Exclusive Partnership: MENADNA is positioned as the exclusive partner for Nebula Genomics in Jordan, Oman and Iraq, countries with a combined population of over 56 million people. The partnership will bring unparalleled genomic sequencing and analysis to the region's healthcare ecosystem.

Bioinformatics Excellence: Utilizing MENADNA's advanced bioinformatics pipeline, together with Nebula’s propriety reports, the partnership will refine and enhance genomic data quality, addressing the unique genetic makeup and health needs of the region.

Addressing the GWAS Gap: The region represents a diverse genetic landscape that is currently underrepresented in global GWAS, which predominantly feature European ancestries. This collaboration aims to contribute valuable genomic data from this population, thereby enriching global genetic databases and research.

Dr. Bassam El Fahmawi, CEO of MENADNA, shared his vision for the impact of this partnership: "Our collaboration with Nebula Genomics is a game-changer for genomic testing in Jordan, Oman and Iraq. By combining Nebula's state-of-the-art sequencing technology with our specialized bioinformatics pipeline, we can provide more accurate, region-specific genomic insights. This is crucial, as less than 2% of genomic data available today comes from the region, despite its rich genetic diversity. Our joint efforts will not only enhance patient care but also significantly contribute to the global understanding of genetic variations and their impact on health."

Jason Karkus, President of Nebula Genomics commented: “Nebula Genomics, a global pioneer in Whole Genome Sequencing is pleased to partner with MenaDNA, bringing our cutting edge, low-cost technology, to Jordan, Oman and Iraq. This is an exciting partnership for which we believe will lead to a substantial business relationship between our companies. Our combined expertise in Whole Genome Sequencing, propriety reporting, bioinformatics and large-scale distribution in the region, make us a perfect match for this strategic partnership.”

About MENADNA Inc.:

MENADNA Inc., headquartered in Pleasanton, California, is at the forefront of bioinformatics and genetic testing, with a strategic focus on the MENA region. Dedicated to advancing genomic research and offering superior genetic testing services, MENADNA strives to improve personalized medicine and patient outcomes across the region.

About Nebula Genomics:

Nebula Genomics, a rapidly growing and wholly owned subsidiary of ProPhase Labs, is a personal genomics company offering affordable, in-depth, and actionable health and wellness insights through Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS). Nebula provides comprehensive genomic analysis and insights enabling individuals in over 135 countries to access their detailed genetic information.

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