Announcing the Launch of the HumaSpan Longevity Supplements Website

HumaSpan Offers a Variety of High Quality Longevity Supplements

Announcing the Launch of the HumaSpan Longevity Supplements Website
Miami, FL, April 16, 2024 --( Chris and Lexi Anderson, founders of the longevity supplements company HumaSpan, are pleased to announce the launch of their new website.

To check out the new website and see the selection of longevity supplements that HumaSpan offers, please visit

As Lexi noted, she and her husband Chris had one key goal in mind when founding HumaSpan: to turn Father Time on his head.

“The science of longevity and anti-aging has made remarkable breakthroughs over the past decade. We no longer have to age like those before us. We now know that we actually have a say in the matter,” Lexi said, adding that she and Chris formed HumaSpan in order to leverage these breakthroughs, and formulate the most potent, innovative anti-aging and human performance supplements that money can buy.

“Our goal is to help people ‘get back time’ by not only adding years to their life, but quality, active and productive ones.”

Now, with the launch of the HumaSpan website, Chris said he and Lexi are pleased that their valued customers can have access to their selection of anti-aging supplements, which are properly dosed and include only results-driven ingredients.

“We are consumers too; not doctors, professors or scientists, and our company and website were built by consumers for consumers,” Chris said.

The Andersons have also used a clear analysis of research and data to help produce supplements that are effective and designed to work.

“Our process is continuous and starts with data. We use the latest research from top longevity specialists around the world to choose our product and ingredient pathways,” Lexi said, adding that she and Chris then formulate the supplements by properly dosing each ingredient.

“Once satisfied, all available channels are exhausted to ensure the sourcing of premium, highest quality ingredients only.”

Even though the website launched just recently, it is already getting a lot of positive attention from customers. Products such as the VitaSpan vitamin, a mineral and micronutrient supplement, and Infinium, a longevity supplement are already selling briskly.

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Lexi Anderson