Returning Youth Initiative Brings Awareness to Young Adult Challenges

The organization has put together an opportunity to bring awareness for young adults, both post incarcerated and high risk.

Brooklyn, NY, April 20, 2024 --( Dr. Khanna’s Returning Youth Initiative has put together an opportunity to bring awareness for young adults, both post incarcerated and high risk.

Young adult stories are needed to encourage others to find success from their hardships. Continue reading to see the Cash Benefit opportunity. These personal stories will provide individuals with the inspiration and motivation, proving redemption is achievable.

Why are young adults not driven toward resources that could be beneficial? As a community, we need to do better at showcasing the help that is out there. Whether living paycheck to paycheck, depressed, or struggling with addiction, young adults don’t see a purpose to work towards a better life for themselves. They let their past define them because of the stigma that society has casted over them. People need to be able to see that mistakes don’t have to hold them back unless they choose not to learn or grow from it. Life always finds a way to push you down, and oftentimes, even farther for at-risk and post incarcerated young adults. As a whole we need to embrace them for all their worth and support them to their fullest potential.

Now is the time for everyone to join efforts to show at-risk and post incarcerated young adults that their nation supports them and wants them to succeed in life. To actively unite local communities and reduce stigmatization, all individual efforts are needed. Not only will this benefit someone's life, but it will reduce recidivism, crime, and incarceration rates. Just spreading awareness on problematic areas, will not be enough to create the change that is needed. There needs to be strategizing, solutions, and action to ultimately shift the underserved individuals in a more positive direction.

Cash Benefit Opportunity: The Returning Youth Initiative (RYI) has put together a chance for eight individuals to win $500.00 for sharing their redemption story. For more information regarding this opportunity, please visit our website. This opportunity has been sponsored by a network of connections who all wish for a better future for the underserved young adults in our nation.

About Dr. Khanna’s Returning Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization registered in the state of New York. The mission is to provide post-incarcerated and high-risk young adults with a supportive community to ensure a smooth integration back into society. The initiative is designed as a self-sustaining entity by having its own business, or partnering with several entities that will provide training, staffing, and entrepreneurship financing.
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