Odin AI and Automation Anywhere Revolutionize Customer Support with Gen AI Implementation

Odin AI, a generative AI solution, enables global RPA leader Automation Anywhere to automate 100% of customer support tickets with a 10x increase in productivity. Odin integrates seamlessly, uses NLP for conversations, and learns to improve responses. Automation Anywhere leverages customer data to improve support and product development. Overall, Odin strengthens brand loyalty and is adaptable across industries.

Odin AI and Automation Anywhere Revolutionize Customer Support with Gen AI Implementation
Los Angeles, CA, May 14, 2024 --(PR.com)-- Automation Anywhere, a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, announced the successful implementation of Odin AI, a generative AI solution, to streamline its global customer support operations.

100% of Support Tickets Now Addressed by AI

Odin AI has transformed Automation Anywhere's support landscape, achieving a remarkable 100% automation rate for resolving support tickets. This translates to a 10x increase in email support productivity and the resolution of over 2,700 tickets per month across 15+ global locations. Odin’s efficient bots and agents allow them to cater to their extensive network of 5,000+ enterprise clients and over 100,000 users.

Elevating Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

“Our automation team started using Odin this year and are wowed by it! We see Odin’s capabilities as a powerful & central enabler of our AI strategy," said Kapil Vyas, VP of IT & Information Security at Automation Anywhere.

Seamless Integration and Powerful Capabilities

Odin AI seamlessly integrated with Automation Anywhere's existing support infrastructure, enhancing efficiency without disruption. Key benefits include:

Automated Ticketing: Odin analyzes incoming tickets, generates initial responses, and facilitates iterative conversations through natural language processing.

Human-in-the-Loop: The system intelligently escalates complex issues to human agents, ensuring a collaborative approach.

Continuous Learning: Odin learns from interactions and feedback, continuously improving its responses and knowledge base.

Following a trend of industry leaders, Automation Anywhere joins companies like Microsoft and HubSpot who are leveraging AI to transform customer support.

Data-Driven Insights and Continuous Improvement

Automation Anywhere leverages valuable data from Odin AI interactions to gain insights into customer trends and satisfaction levels. This data empowers the company to refine its support strategy and guide product development.

Solidifying Brand Loyalty Through Exceptional Support

By enabling timely, accurate, and helpful customer support, Odin AI strengthens Automation Anywhere's brand reputation and fosters customer loyalty.

Discover How More Businesses are Harnessing the Power of Odin AI

Support stands as one of the flagship applications for Odin AI, showcasing its adaptability and efficacy across various industries. With its array of customizable tools and specialized agents, Odin AI caters not only to support functions but also addresses the unique needs of enterprises in diverse sectors such as law firms, fintech, security, and accounting. This versatility underscores Odin AI's capability to augment operations and enhance efficiency across a wide spectrum of business domains.

To explore further how Odin AI transforms processes in these sectors, visit www.getodin.ai.

About Odin AI
Odin AI pioneers end-to-end enterprise GenAI automation, empowering organizations to streamline workflows, gain insights, and make smarter decisions. With scalable solutions and compliance certifications, Odin offers flexibility and security. For information, please visit www.getodin.ai.

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