FlexTouch and Hanvon Unveil Revolutionary EMC Touch Technology

San Jose, CA, May 17, 2024 --(PR.com)-- FlexTouch Technologies and Hanvon Penchip Technology proudly announce the launch of EMC Touch, a cutting-edge touch technology that integrates Electro-Magnetic Resonance (EMR) and capacitive touch into a single IC and a single touch sensor.

EMR Touch technology is widely adopted by various touch applications where stylus is required. Such solution offers superior stylus accuracy but lacks finger touch functionality, requires a thicker stack, and leads to higher overall cost. On the other hand, capacitive touch technology supports both stylus and finger input, but its stylus is heavier, more expensive and requires periodic charging.

EMC Touch combines the best features of EMR and capacitive touch. By integrating a single dual-purpose IC and a single high performance metal mesh touch sensor, the solution achieves simultaneous finger and stylus touch, superior stylus performance with enhanced noise tolerance, optimal palm rejection capability, a thinner stack, and lower overall cost.

FlexTouch provides the advanced metal mesh touch sensors that drive superior touch performance, and Hanvon delivers the innovative touch ICs that integrate EMR and capacitive sensing, combined together as EMC Touch.

Esat Yilmaz, CTO of FlexTouch stated, "This collaboration underscores our commitment to leading touch technology innovation and delivering advanced solutions to the market. FlexTouch’s ultra-thin linewidth and ultra-low resistance metal mesh touch sensors enable the superior functionality of EMC touch." Hanvon Penchip's CEO, Mr. Xiang, added, "EMC Touch represents a significant leap forward in touch solutions, combining the best of both technologies to meet the growing demands of modern devices."

About FlexTouch Technologies
FlexTouch Technologies is a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced touch solutions, offering innovative products that enhance user experience and device performance.

About Hanvon Penchip Technology
Hanvon Penchip Technology is a pioneer in touch IC technology, dedicated to providing high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of the technology market.
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