Managing Fear Author Offers Journalists Mental Health Advice

Managing Fear Author Offers Journalists Mental Health Advice
Carnegie, PA, May 21, 2024 --( It is challenging to manage one’s mental health with all of the negative news that we hear about on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many journalists and reporters also struggle with their mental health as they report the news.

Reporters and journalists privately struggle with long hours, managing tight deadlines, job uncertainty, endless meetings, and the mental health toll of covering the news.

Stan Popovich has dealt with anxiety for 20+ years and wrote a managing fear book at You can also Google Stan Popovich.

Stan noticed that many journalists struggle, as he worked with them in developing various mental health stories and interviews on Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC news over the years.

Mr. Popovich suggests the following solutions to some of these common mental health stresses that journalists deal with. Please pass this along to others.

1. Long hours and the pressure to meet deadlines.
Prioritize and do the most important items first. Learn to plan ahead and take breaks. Communicate with others if you have too much on your plate. Getting burned out will only lead to decrease in performance and increased anxieties/depression.

2. Cover stories and topics that can take a mental toll.
Do not ignore any potential mental health symptoms such as increased anxiety and episodes of depression in your life. Join a local mental health support group and talk to a mental health counselor who can provide help with managing your mental health.

3. Job uncertainty and decrease in workplace morale.
Focus on doing the best job that you can and develop friendships with others. Keep your resume current and develop a network of friends in the media industry. Being proactive in your career will increase your chances of having options which will reduce your anxieties.

4. Everyone is demanding.
Communication is key. It’s important to get see things from the other person’s point of view and try to find solutions that work for everyone. Learn to delegate when possible. You can’t please everyone so just do your best and go from there.

5. Are you still struggling?
Get advice from others in your professional and personal network on what you can do. Talking to others can give you ideas and different approaches in dealing with your current job issues. Do not ignore your mental health for your job because it will catch up to you.

If you struggle with depression, stress, and anxiety, it is important that you talk to a mental health counselor right away. You do not have to privately suffer with your mental health struggles.
Stan Popovich