Author Jean Luntz's New Audiobook, “Love's Many Guises: A Comedic Dance,” Takes Listeners on a Regency-Era Adventure of Mistaken Identities and Romantic Intrigue

Recent audiobook release “Love's Many Guises: A Comedic Dance” from Audiobook Network author Jean Luntz is a hilarious romp set in the Regency era of British history that follows an earl who must don multiple disguises to hide after witnessing his cousin’s murder. But while in disguise, the earl finds unexpected love and must keep up his ruse while trying to win the heart of his beloved.

Bastrop, TX, June 13, 2024 --( Jean Luntz, who holds a master’s in library and information science, has completed her new audiobook, “Love's Many Guises: A Comedic Dance”: a comedic whirlwind of mistaken identities and romantic entanglements that follows an earl who must disguise himself in order to avoid being murdered.

Starting her journey as a writer from a young age, author Jean Luntz wrote her first novel in fifth grade. As a high school senior, she won the Atlantic Monthly writing contest, and has written several short plays, short stories, poetry, and published several magazine articles. As an adult, Jean began writing romances – historical and modern, but expanded into mystery and fantasy genres to develop more complicated storylines. Furthermore, her novels contain ghosts, mysticism, suspense, and fantasy elements. In addition to writing, Jean trains dogs for competitive dog sports such as agility, scent-work, and obedience.

“In the Regency era's glittering society, the Earl of Sheffield, Peter Mellingham, witnesses his cousin's murder and becomes a target himself,” writes Luntz. “To escape the killers, he adopts a daring disguise as Cynthia Meadows, his best friend's younger sister.

“As Peter and his loyal friend Brendon journey to Worthing for the transformation, the villains are never far behind. Meanwhile, Cynthia's heart races with fear while also finding unexpected love in the form of Miss Elsbeth Palfrey.

“Complications arise when Lady Palfrey intends to marry her daughter, Beth, to the enigmatic Lord Standsberry. Unbeknownst to them, Standsberry is behind the murder and more. Peter creates a secret admirer to court Beth, but his true identity remains hidden, leading to a humorous mix-up of hearts and intentions.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Jean Luntz’s new audiobook is a delightful blend of romance, intrigue, and uproarious humor that will captivate listeners with its expert pacing, engaging characters, and irresistible charm, leaving them spellbound right up until the thrilling conclusion.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Love's Many Guises: A Comedic Dance” by A1 through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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