TVS First Look Original Production Unit Sets "Wrestling Chunks" TV Show for Six Episode National TV Schedule

TVS Television Network is returning to the national broadcast stage with the six episode "Wrestling Chunks" TV series set for national syndication to broadcast, cable, and streaming distribution.

California City, CA, June 15, 2024 --( TVS First Look Original production unit will release a six half hour episode series entitled "Wrestling Chunks" for national distribution for broadcast, cable, and streaming platforms in Fall 2024. The series will also be available on DVD for home video.

Wrestling Chunks is a fun filled six episode series that combines pro wrestling, animation, and music into a fun filled series for family viewing. Shot in Reno, Nevada with the All Pro Wrestling Nevada troupe, the series features colorful wrestlers such as Jheri Giggalow, Luster the Legend, and Geoffrey Excellence with Funky T.

TVS Television Network produced the first national wrestling show in 1976 with IWA Championship Wrestling, featuring top wrestlers such as Mil Mascaras, Bulldog Brower, The Mighty Igor, Ernie Ladd, and The Somoans. Over the years TVS has televised wrestling from North Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia, Louisiana, Chicago, Hollywood, Bakersfield, Las Vegas, and Reno.

Wrestling Chunks will also appear on the TVS Action Sports Network, TVS Select Network, TVS Tavern Television Network, and TVS All American Network. All are 24/7 streaming FAST channels on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix. In all there are ten TVS Sports Network channels on the service.

TVS Television Network is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast network in the USA. Founded in 1960, TVS has produced and distributed thousands of TV shows such as College Basketball, College Football Bowl Games, NASL Soccer, LPBT Bowling, IWA Wrestling, WFL Football, Championship Boxing One Club Golf, PBA Regional Bowling, LPGA Golf, PGA Senior Golf, Virginia Slims Tennis, AIAW Championships, Pro Rodeo, NASCAR, IHRA Drag Racing, Grand Prix Racing, CART Racing, and other major sports.
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