LegalView Launches PAGCL Practice Area for Victims with Cartilage Deterioration Following Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

LegalView launched a PAGCL information portal to provide victims of the condition with resources and details on protective and preventive measures and information. Post arthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis (PAGCL) occurs when the cartilage in a shoulder begins to deteriorate months after arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

Denver, CO, June 24, 2008 --( LegalView, the most comprehensive legal portal on the Web, recently announced the launch of its post arthroscopic glenohumeral chondrolysis (PAGCL) practice area PAGCL is a severe and painful condition where shoulder cartilage begins to deteriorate and can affect many Americans after arthroscopic shoulder surgery. The condition's cause remains unclear but has been frequently linked to patients who have previously undergone shoulder arthroscopy and administered pain relievers through a pain pump, according to a study released in The American Journal of Sports Medicine. The procedure is considered part of a rapidly expanding field, according to Raffy Mirzayan, MD, and while the complications are considered rare, the medical community remains vexed on the problem. Individuals who have been previously affected by the condition should consider contacting a PAGCL lawyer to learn about the potential for filing a PAGCL claim.

While little is known of the condition, The American Journal of Sports Medicine Study has shown that many individuals suffering from have previously been treated with an intra-articular pain pump catheter with bupivacain and epinephrine. Typically, patients who have received these pain-relieving medications via a pain pump find that the cartilage in their shoulders rapidly deteriorates within months of their surgical procedure. Unfortunately, the deterioration can cause permanent damage and, as of yet, the orthopaedic community remains at a loss for preventing the condition, according to Mirzayan's report on the condition. Because of the serious and severe nature of PAGCL, individuals who have suffered from the condition may want to locate an experienced law firm and determine if a pain pump is the appropriate step toward finding compensation for the pain and damage associated with the condition.

LegalView also offers an array of other legal resources for Americans suffering consequences from preventable or avoidable issues. For example, LegalView has continued to maintain up-to-date news on the Chantix and Singulair side effects as well as the Digitek digoxin controversy. Chantix, a smoking cessation drug, was released to the public in May 2006 and has been reportedly prescribed to nearly 3 million Americans. In late 2007, hundreds of reports of unusual Chantix side effects, which included depression, mood swings, erratic behavior, and suicidal thoughts and tendencies, began to surface. Patients who have been adversely affected by the drug's risks should consider locating an attorney to flush out the details of a potential Chantix lawsuit, which may result in monetary compensation for the severity of the side effects.

Similar to Chantix is Singulair, which is a prescribed treatment for patients of asthma and severe allergies. Singulair from Merck has been available on the market since 1998, but in March 2008, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received reports that patients taking Singulair were experiencing side effects, comparable to that of Chantix, including moodiness and an increased tendency of suicidal thoughts. The drug has not been recalled but individuals experiencing the Singulair side effects should potentially discontinue use of the drug and seek medical help as well as contact an experienced pharmaceutical law firm.

Digitek digoxin, while not similar to Chantix or Singulair, has continued to make headlines for a manufacturing defect that caused batches of the heart irregularity and congestive heart failure treatment be released to the public with double the appropriate does of medication in tablets. Because of the severe risk of toxicity associated with this manufacturing error, individuals who currently take or have taken the drug should consider developing a Digitek lawsuit.

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