Imposant Launches UptimeInspector Server Monitoring Service

Imposant is proud to announce the launch of, a stunning new Web 2.0 application, which is able to monitor servers and websites for reliability and performance.

Moscow, Russia, July 15, 2008 --( UptimeInspector monitors target servers and websites from several locations distributed worldwide, with periods ranging from one minute to one hour, and sends an alert to the server administrator when failure is detected. This alert can be by SMS, email, instant messaging systems, RSS, or a phone call.

UptimeInspector is capable of testing the following TCP/IP servers: PING, SMTP, SSH, Telnet, POP3, IMAP4, MySQL, HTTP(S) and FTP. It extends a common monitoring approach by adding server-specific tests to the simple connection test. Thus it is not only the downtime state that is reported, but also server malfunctioning, invalid web page contents, broken files, an incorrect SQL query response, and other problems.

In addition to TCP/IP server monitoring, UptimeInspector can search for a mail server IP address in DNS blacklists, and report if a server is listed, and therefore banned from mail delivery to particular destinations.

For webmasters UptimeInspector offers a Full Page Test, which includes a keyword presence or absence check, a check for broken links, verification of page or file size, load time measurement, MD5 checksum calculation, SSL certificate expiration, and other checks besides. Access rules can be set up to use the proper authentication method, web agent and referrer string, GET and POST parameters, options to load images, frames, scripts and CSS files.

UptimeInspector provides an easy-to-use web interface to set up monitoring targets, well-written documentation, and examples that make it easy to set up even complex monitoring tasks.

UptimeInspector pricing is flexible, and depends on the actual monitoring tasks performed. There is no subscription, or minimum monthly fee. Is all this starting to sound interesting? If you want to try out UptimeInspector, a fully functional fourteen day free trial is available.

Visit for details.

UptimeInspector is a website monitoring service that tests your website every couple of minutes, and sends you an alert if the website is not available, if there is invalid content, a broken link, or any other problem. As soon as a problem occurs, you receive an instant alert.

Imposant, founded in 1999, is a software development company, that provides advanced web based and downloadable software solutions for internet users.

Iliya Tyurin