Your Hosting Store Adds Green Hosting Category

Green hosting category makes it easy for the environmentally conscious to find a green hosting provider.

Sioux City, IA, July 22, 2008 --(, a webmaster resource portal, announced today the addition of a green hosting category to their Web Hosting Directory.

“As consumers become more environmentally conscious when making their purchasing decisions, hosting providers are scrambling to cater to the needs of the eco-friendly web hosting buyer,” explains Kevin Chilton, President/General Manager of “Our goal for the green hosting category is to make it easy for the eco-friendly buyer to find a reliable hosting provider that not only meets their individual hosting requirements, but also satisfies their environmental concerns as well.”

For the hosting provider, going green is a winning opportunity. The planet wins because of a reduction in the 170 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced yearly by data centers worldwide, and the hosting provider wins because of the substantial energy savings. Even the smallest hosting providers can take part in going green by using energy efficient servers, printing fewer documents, initiating an office recycling program, and by using natural light sources when possible. Another way any company can go green is by purchasing carbon offset credits for the carbon emissions they do produce.

“Green hosting remains a controversial issue, mostly because there are no set standards that define what green hosting is. Some forum and blog comments state that because of the huge amount of electricity they consume, there are no green hosting providers. And unfortunately, sometimes when a hosting provider states they’re going green, it’s just a marketing strategy and their actual efforts to be more environmentally friendly are murky at best,” says Mr. Chilton. “While the debate over green hosting continues, and no one company has all the answers, I believe that any hosting provider who takes that first step towards being an environmentally friendly company should be given credit.”

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