National Financial Awareness Network, Inc.
National Financial Awareness Network, Inc. Doubles State Law Resources

Online debtors’ help community upgrades state-by-state information and links to new resources.

Columbia, MD, July 24, 2008 --(, an online support community for people struggling with debt, more than doubled its list of state-specific resources in a website upgrade that the National Financial Awareness Network rolled out yesterday.

The upgrade included additional links to state consumer protection legislation, attorney general websites and other helpful resources from which residents of a particular state can benefit. NFAN plans to continue enhancing the website with articles for consumers facing debt collection as high gas prices and the rising cost of living continue to push more consumers towards credit card debt.

“The cost of living is rapidly increasing, but wages are not keeping up and massive layoffs are only adding to the consumers’ debt problems,” explained John Janney, president of NFAN. “As more consumers find themselves facing difficult times, the need for resources that explain how to deal with these issues will continue to grow.”

Established just over two years ago, the website provides the public with information about federal and state fair debt collection laws and offers an online forum for registered users to exchange information, ask and answer questions and share debt-related experiences. The recent website upgrade updated many links to online consumer protection legislation and added more resources to legislation and informational websites that were previously not listed on

About NFAN:

The National Financial Awareness Network, Inc, is a financial literacy company that offers educational products and services related to personal finance, such as the popular Do-It-Yourself Debt Settlement Kit, at The New York State Banking Department lists NFAN’s in their Financial Educational Resources Directory. NFAN is not a law firm and nothing on the website should be construed as legal advice. For more information, please visit their website at

National Financial Awareness Network, Inc.
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