Heart Touching, New Book That Teenagers Will Love

Intelligent young woman, Annette Moody, recently published a heart warming book of poetry called "One For The Pages." This book of poems is filled with love, compassion, life tragedies, tears and laughter. Often catching the eyes of her readers, Annette writes about stories that teenagers like herself could compare too.

Evans, CO, August 01, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Inspiring young author, 18 year old Annette Moody recently published a book of poetry that has captured the attention of teenagers. Annette has published it on Lulu.com, the online marketplace for publishers.

Miss Moody dreamt of the day that she would get the chance to share her work with others. This dream was held for nearly 5 years; As a sophomore in highschool, Miss Moody began taking harder courses of writing to further advance her acknowledgement for use complex words and writing skills. Although miss Moody was always told what a fantastic writer she was while growing up, she hardly believed it was true.

Annette Moody comments: "As a child I knew from age three what I was intended to do with my life. Though it's not always quite clear to me, I follow through with my plans for success and happiness. I told my best friend Ceara that I have two main goals in life; The first is to publish my own book of poetry, and the second is to someday work as a digital animator for Disney. I want to be able to bring joy to other children's lives, that I didn't feel I had as a child."

By completing her book of poetry, Miss Moody said she had three different sources of where she kept her poems: in her laptop, in a plain notebook, and also on her myspace. Miss Moody wrote poems for nearly five years, and when asked why she has around 70 poems, she states that most of the poems she wrote years back she tossed out. She said they were so awful that no readers would have got what they meant.

Miss Moody says: "Five years ago my dream to publish a book of my own seemed as if it were impossible. I wrote day and night, and every poem I wrote made my hopes rise above all else, for me to want to publish even more. I always kept a pen and notebook near my bed at night, this way if a great idea for a poem came to me, I could write it down and not forget it. I must say, it worked out nicely; Thanks to my friends, family, teachers, and Lulu, my dream to publish has finally come true."

You can find Annette Moody's book "One For The Pages," at http://stores.lulu.com/anniemoody .

One For The Pages
Annette Moody