C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution, Inc.
C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution, Inc.

C.E.D. Entertainment signs Just Records for Distribution

C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution, Inc. Signs New Label.

Winter Park, FL, April 28, 2006 --(PR.com)-- C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution, Inc., an independent distributor of Music, Video, Movies and DVD, announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Just Records with the release of Inspirational artist Vanessa Randall.

Vanessa Randall is heating up the airwaves with her debut masterpiece album called “Take A Chance”. With her first release “We’ll Make It” a duet with the R&B group “Unison”, this song expresses the commitment a guy and a girl are making in accepting each other in marriage. This accompaniment brings to mind the bona fide soul hit “The Closer I Get To You” of Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway fame, which will be the song women will walk down the isle for years to come. This message of eternal bonding is something you just don’t hear in music today.

She’ll also keep your head bopping from side to side while she expresses how she feels on “Happy”: “With a word that held me tight/ Got me through all those lonely nights/ And you wipe my face, now I can say I’m happy.” Vanessa, also shows she has some hip-hop influence on the single-worthy track called “Friend” that let’s you know you have a friend in your times of need.

Vanessa Randall is an experience you don’t want to miss, so let her captivating voice lift you.

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