C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution, Inc.

C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution, Inc.
C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution, Inc.

C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution, Inc. Setting the standard of excellence in music is an Independent Distributor/one-stop for the U.S. and China.


C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution is an independent distributor and one-stop for the U.S. and China. Our mission is to sell record labels, distribute audio and video products, and to develop a strong and profitable revenue center that will bring quality products to retail customers in the US and China. C.E.D. Entertainment currently distributes over 500,000 titles from top distributors into the independent and mass merchant retail stores through our distribution partners and the E-Commerce store front of the Chinese market. Our digital distribution agreement with Red Distribution


C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution serves independent artists with fulfilling the needs of music retailers who want to increase foot traffic into their stores. Artists seeking distribution have long been frustrated by restrictive label contracts, lack of attention and limited access to the marketplace. C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution creates a fully integrated environment where they can start, develop and progress their careers and distribution potential. Many independents, most lack reach, accessibility and the tools necessary to provide effective distribution to the general market place.

C.E.D. Entertainment Distribution can be the solution for independent labels seeking national or regional distribution. We are dedicated to provide the absolute best service to our Independent labels.

C.E.D. is still growing their distribution network of labels.


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