Lucky Strike Resources Ltd

Lucky Strike Resources Ltd

Lucky Strike Resources Ltd.

China is the world’s largest consumer of resources. Mongolia directly north of China, is in early stages of economic transformation subsequent to Mongolia’s estimated undeveloped world-class deposits valued at $1.484 trillion according the Mongolian Golomt Bank Valuation of January 2010.

Mongolia’s growth is strongly correlated with China’s consumption. Two-third of Mongolia’s export goes to China. In 2010, Mongolia exported 9 million tones of coal and forecast to export up to 45 million tones of coal by 2016 according to the Mongolian Golomt Bank Mining Department in 2009.

Lucky Strike is generating value from the economic transformation of Mongolia and China through the exploration, development and supply of coal, mineral and energy resources to the region.

Public Company, TSX Venture Exchange (CVE), Symbol: LKY.V