BatchMaster Software, Inc.

BatchMaster Software, Inc.
BatchMaster Software, Inc.

BatchMaster Software, Inc. Is a global supplier of ERP systems for the Process Manufacturing industry. BatchMaster is solely for Process manufacturers such as Food & Beverage, Nutraceutical, Chemicals & Coatings, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences.

BatchMaster Customers have the biggest influence on its design, producing an ERP system that fits the process manufacturer's way of doing things, and cementing BatchMaster as the leader for the process industry.

BatchMaster provides single-interface, single-login, single-database true ERP solutions, incorporating Inventory & production control, production & materials planning, R&D product development, quality control, lot-traceability and total compliance management, and much more, built entirely within your choice of leading financial platforms of Microsoft Dynamics© GP or SAP Business One, or integrated into a range of other financial packages.

Now into its fifth generation, BatchMaster stays in front in the mid-market. A staff of more than 200 professionals, around half of them in Research and Development, is a resource unparalleled in the mid-market. Experienced industry practitioners from many different process sectors bring a cross-fertilization of ideas and the ability to quickly interpret any new sector, regulatory change, or new methods of doing business. We've become the industry knowledge leader through experience gained from each installation and each customer. We know how to deliver cost-effective, reliable ERP solutions that meet the complex needs of mid-level enterprises.

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Company History

BatchMaster Software, Inc.

BatchMaster Software, Inc. has a long history of serving the Process Manufacturing industry since its inception in 1984. Strong associations with both Microsoft and SAP have seen it grow and maintain its leadership in the mid-market for this sector.

With more than 200 staff, BatchMaster has the ideas and experience to meet the challenges of any process manufacturer. This is recognised in its ability to quickly identify new industries, work with its practitioners, and match their needs to within their business models and regulatory environment – an example of which is the Nutraceutical industry, where BatchMaster leads the sector for ERP solutions.

BatchMaster has grown to become a truly global organization, with offices in the USA, India, and New Zealand.