McPugs Grub Rubs

McPugs Grub Rubs

McPugs Grub Rubs creates delicious all-natural, no-fat, low-calorie gourmet dry rubs for the grill. Their mission is to rescue barbeque from the ritual drowning of meat in thick, sticky, sweet, calorie-laden sauces which can mask the true taste of the meat. Not your typical frat-boy barbeque company, McPugs Grub Rubs features 16 witty, irreverent, and intelligent dry rubs which are created in small batches in their Kansas City facility. For more information about McPugs Grub Rubs, visit

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Company History

It all started innocently enough with an incredibly delicious chicken rub called,
"Chicken Rub" (Hey, we're creative at blending spices, not naming 'em). Years later, we eventually renamed our chicken rub "Scarborough Chicken", after one of our favorite folk songs. Pretty soon friends and family began asking us to give them the recipe and prodding us to try blending meat rubs for beef, poultry, and fish.

After a year or two of trial and error, we felt proud enough of a garlic, onion, and paprika dry rub to call it "Moo Better Beef" after one of our favorite movies. Soon afterwards a family vacation to New Orleans inspired "Oink Anoint", a blend of hickory smoked spices, chili, lemon and basil. We followed up with an interesting fragrant blend for fish called "Wish Upon A Fish", that began gracing our barbecue grilling escapades just last year. Next on deck was Jerks of the Caribbean, the world's only politically-inspired (and jerk spice-inspired) dry rubs, Rub Songs, a musical medley of spices, and our crazy original Kevin's Bacon Rubs.

We hope you enjoy our creative dry rubs, and meat seasonings. Our customers love what we do and we hope you do, too. We look forward to hearing about the wonderful creations you create with McPugs Grub Rubs.

Happy Grilling from all of us here in Evanston, IL and Kansas City, MO.