Burke Narrow Fabric Corp.

Burke Narrow Fabric Corp.

Burke Narrow Fabric Corp. is a highly motivated industrial manufacturer. Established in 1977, our company prides itself in manufacturing only the highest quality fabrics in the market today. Our products include Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Nomex and synthetic narrow woven fabric made to specification. Specializing in industrial, military and recreational markets. Our fabrics are designed for todays changing global market which has continued to guide the company into worldwide sales and recognition.


Private Company

Company History

Burke Narrow Fabric Corporation was founded by Vivian and Thomas F. Burke, Sr., in November of 1977. The company is now owned by their oldest son Thomas F. Burke Jr. and wife Jill W. Burke, and managed by his daughter, Millicent Burke-Sinclair and husband, Charles J. Sinclair Jr.