Splash Media. LP.

Splash Media. LP.

Since its inception in October of 2004, Splash Media has grown to nearly 100 employees. Our in-house operations include sales and marketing, technical support, customer service, software development, and, of course, original television production. We pride ourselves in efficient teamwork and our ability to work with an outrageous sense of urgency. Allow us to introduce some of our staff:

Chris Kraft
President and Founder
Chris Kraft has been in the media business since 1988. He founded Chris Kraft Productions in 1995. His award-winning career in film and video production was a natural progression from being an accomplished editorial and advertising photographer. A partial list of his clients include Nortel Networks, IBM, American Airlines, Primedia Productions, Compuware, LucasLicensing/Hasbro, The Town of Addison, NBC, Docucorp, Broadcast News Corporation, and many others. His vision for business television comes from seeing first hand the challenge corporations face when attempting to speak directly to a geographically diverse audience.

Darren Hardy
Darren is a successful entrepreneur, business leader, and private equity investor. He has been an ambitious business builder since a teenager, earning a six-figure income at 18 years of age and becoming a self-made millionaire by age 27. Darren has built several ideas into businesses with $50 million in annual revenue. Darren has built affiliate organizations of over 100,000 members and driven millions of dollars in monthly revenue on viral marketing alone. He has owned and built successful companies in consumer products, software technology, television, and internet media. Darren is also a private equity investor and a member of the San Diego Tech Coast Angels. He advises and sits on the boards of various early stage companies through his personal portfolio holdings and the equity holdings of the Tech Coast Angels. His unique combination of visionary leadership, metric-driven management, disciplined execution, vigilant cash management, and expert sales and marketing acumen have proven to be the perfect blend for today’s marketplace.

Pete Kraft
Pete Kraft comes to Splash Media after spending 11 years in the technology field. He spent five years at EDS managing and supporting corporate computers and networks. At Texas Instruments his responsibilities included maintaining and managing the global Windows server network at the company. For the last six years Pete has worked as an Engineer and Project Manager in sales support roles covering a wide variety of industrial technologies including telecommunications, broadcast, medical imaging, oil field exploration and many others. During that time he consulted with customers to help them design custom computer platforms for use in medical testing, network security, and voice over IP applications. This experience allowed him to work closely with various hardware and software engineering teams at companies such as Intel, Red Hat, Microsoft, Cisco, Motorola and others. Pete’s experience also includes consulting on the development of a custom digital video delivery mechanism and has always maintained a high level of interest in the digital video and streaming media market.

R. Brad Murano
Brad Murano brings his 20-year experience as an award-winning director, editor, and director of photography to Splash Media. As a co-founder of Film Xero, with Steven T. Miller, Brad produced and directed over 100 major label music videos. Additional production credits include “ Walker, Texas Ranger", Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum in Cleveland, a custom 360-degree video delivery systems, Nutrisystem, Disney's Buena Vista Datacasting, and EMI Catalog Marketing, among others. His varied experience provided the background needed to become a noted motion graphics and broadcast designer and a pioneer in utilizing digital technologies in image capture and post-production.

Steven T. Miller
Steve is an award-winning director, writer, and editor with over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of film productions. Teaming with R. Brad Murano to pursue their shared passion for creating moving images, they formed Film Xero and quickly developed a niche in the music video world. They produced, directed, and edited over 100 music videos from every major record label. They worked with Pat Benatar, Take 6, Kenny Chesney, and many more. Steve served as a governor on The Texas Board of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Steve’s corporate credits include projects for TXU, Pier 1, Nokia, Ford, GM, Red Baron, and a 360-degree project for Pennzoil featuring Jay Leno. Recently, he directed infomercials for ICON Fitness and Disney’s Buena Vista Datacasting, and has contributed his filmmaking skills to marketing pieces for CopyCraft, Docucorp, Hasbro, and GlobalTec Solutions.

Toni Donaldson
As supervising producer of Traders Television Network, Toni comes to TTV with extensive experience in live television, most recently with the FOX affiliate in Dallas. Her career began with production of live talk shows for PBS on the regional level in Amarillo. Toni went on to produce live newscasts for the local affiliates for NBC and CBS in Amarillo, as well as reporting in the Texas Panhandle. Prior to making the move to TTV, she spent the last eight years with FOX 4 News in Dallas. During her news career, she produced thousands of newscasts, including major news events and hundreds of breaking news stories. She now produces Opening Bell, FAST Track, and Wizestreet for TTV. With her past experience in a career that often focuses on negative events, Toni is thrilled to work in an environment that now focuses on the positive by providing viewers with a much brighter financial future.

Brian Shelton
Brian Shelton, technical director of Splash Media, has over 15 years of experience in the television production industry as a director, technical director, and editor. Brian’s career has spanned all areas of live and pre-recorded television programming. His experience includes live sports, news, corporate training, business television, infomercials, and cable television programs. His broadcast, cable, and private network clients include ABC, ESPN, Fox Sports, Cox, Comcast, Primedia, Interactive Medical Network, National Dental Network, and Broadcast New Corp. His Fortune 500 clients include Oracle, Cisco, Ernest & Young, Pfizer, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Verizon, General Motors, IBM, Intel, and many more.

Steve Sosinski
For over 10 years, Steve Sosinski has been producing marketing and training videos as well as implementing and developing digital media technologies for a wide range of clientele. Steve has produced hundreds of hours of live business television for clients such as Ernst & Young, Nortel, IBM, Hill's Pet Nutrition, Silicon Graphics, and SAP. Steve has a broad range of experience in multimedia CD-ROM & DVD projects, streaming media applications, broadband video solutions, and live internet/satellite simulcasting. Steve has an honorable discharge from the U.S Naval Reserve where he served as a cryptologic technical operator.

Ryan Martell
Ryan has been developing software for nearly 25 years. When he was 17, he developed a cutting edge product used by furniture industry retailers for visualizing custom order upholstery. Later, he was the first employee at Bungie Software, where he coauthored several very successful computer games, such as Marathon, Marathon 2, and Myth: The Fallen
Lords. Deciding that he needed to become more sociable, he bought a sailboat, and spent two years sailing in the Caribbean and then three years in the Mediterranean. After ending his "first retirement" a couple of years ago, he came to Dallas to manage a real estate project. Ryan then decided his game background nicely complemented the streaming video market and became an integral part of Splash Media, LP. Since he has been with Splash Media, he has implemented an end-to-end video streaming solution, encompassing asset tracking, scheduling, authorization, and delivery via the internet.

Chris Shelton
Chris Shelton, technical director, has over nine years of experience in the television production industry. Chris has flourished as a director and technical director, working in many different areas of the industry with clients including ABC, CBS, NBC, Primedia, Interactive Medical Network, and many more.

Megan Sullivan
As art director, Megan Sullivan is responsible for the look and content of all marketing materials for Splash Media as well as overseeing the design and interactive functionality of the TSTN website. Megan was an initial staffer at GlobalTec Solutions, bringing with her a Fine Arts degree, experience with an interactive design firm for Fortune 500 companies, and as a graphic designer for a publicly traded insurance holding corporation.

Chad Young
Chad Young, studio manager of Splash Media, has over 10 years of experience in film and video production as a director of photography, lighting director, and gaffer. Chad's innovative style is often duplicated in the industry. He has provided his vision to clients such as ABC, ESPN, OLN, HBO, Fireside Films, and Primedia Productions, just to name a few. 

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Splash Media. LP.

The Studio

Splash Media operates one of the most technologically advanced television studios in the world. We combine the best systems available with solid engineering and top-notch graphics. Since its launch in 2005, TSTN has received international acclaim for its content as well as its look, but the most common question asked by visitors is, “Where’s the studio?” TSTN programs are produced by only five or six people in the control room. Even more astounding is the number of crew on the floor in the studio: zero. Computer-guided cameras are all controlled by one person. The studio is a bluescreen room, and virtual reality sets are keyed into the final video feed. Camera moves are monitored by the virtual reality servers, where minute adjustments to the set give the studio depth. The final effect is flawless.


Splash Media has staked its claim in the world of mobile television and video with SplashStream – a content player with two-way communication capability. Viewers can watch TSTN and other great Splash Media content on their PCs, plus they can ask questions and answer surveys. Ads and other ancillary content play in a separate window, avoiding interruptions to the content. Each install of SplashStream is serialized, allowing us unprecedented user profiling. We track each user’s viewing habits and responses to polls and surveys. User profiles ensure that the ancillary content sent to each viewer is on target. Splash Stream is redefining television.