MC Liquidations

MC Liquidations

    Distributor of liquidated and wholesale merchandise  at unbelieveable prices.   At  MC Liquidations we offer clothing liquidation, houseware liquidations, toy liquidation, knife liquidations, sporting goods liquidation, watch liquidation, sports magnet liquidation, furniture liquidation and an entire miscellaneous retail store full of other liquidation products. 
    All of our liquidation merchandise is %40, %60 and even %80 off retail prices.  Check us out, and if there is something you are searching for that you can't find, contact us to see if we might have it. 

    MC Liquidations was started in 2004 with the distinct purpose of helping the small business.  "I was tired of seeing the small hometown businesses being over run by the huge retailers," says owner Michael Mason.  "It's a shame to see the small five and dimes having to close because they can't compete with gigantic corporate america."    With this thought in mind  MC Liquidations was up and running.

      MC Liquidations specializes in distressed merchandise.  A retail store may close out a product, or a product line, or a business that is going bankrupt will opt to liquidate their merchandise rather than lose anything.   Closed-out, distressed merchandise is bought for pennies on the dollar, so that this savings can be passed on to the customer.

      If you are a business looking for new products, or if you are a business with distressed merchandise,  MC Liquidations may have the solution for you.  You may contact our liquidation specialist at 888-692-1772.

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