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Why did create a blog?

As a retail site and not the manufacturer of an actual product or brand, some might wonder why NothingButSoftware thought it was important to start a blog - who wants to read a retail site’s blog, right? Well, we felt that having a less formal way to connect with our customers and the online community of software users called for something more than our Website’s corporate page.
We want to connect with people on a more social level and open up new forms of dialog. We want to comment on what we see happening in the computer world and more specifically the software industry and discuss where things may be heading in the future.

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Company History

History behind and its blog. . .

Since the founding of our Parent Company in 1987 and the launch of in 1997, we have seen that the way in which people research, purchase and use software is forever evolving. Understanding and then responding to the trends of our customers helps explain why we have loyal customers who keep coming back for more than 20 years. Even when customer satisfaction was not the industry’s #1 priority, we still held true to our commitment to our customers and exceeded their product and customer service expectations. We have and will continue to stay focused on the needs of our customers. This is why we recently launched our Blog: