Conte Luna Foods

Conte Luna Foods

At Conte Luna Foods, making pasta is a Marano family tradition that continues into the 4th generation and will continue for generations to come.  Conte Luna Foods has proud Italian roots.  Antonio Maran started the parent company, Philadelphia Macaroni Company, in 1914 in the city for which it is named.  Today, PMC is operated by Antonio's grandson Luke Sr. and great-grandsons Luke Jr. and Mark.

A passion for pasta is the hallmark of Conte Luna.  For over one hundred years the Marano family has produced pasta for the industrial and specialty markets.  The family is known throughout the world as the torchbearers of the pasta industry.

The company opened the plant in Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1991, named Conte Luna Foods after its east coast retail brand, which literally means "Count Moon."  The plant is a state of the art pasta manufacturing facility specializing in Industrial, High additive dehydrated and Lasagna products.
We supply a number of different pasta products to many of the best companies in the world.

For Conte Luna Foods, total quality has been a family tradition, not a new trend.  The quality control begins before the flour arrives at our plant.  To ensure that we have the best flour available to put in our pasta, we built a milling plant in the center of the world's finest durum wheat fields, Minot, North Dakota.  Sourcing our own durum wheat enables us to select the grains that simply make the best semolina for the pasta industry.  Because of our strict quality standards is why our customers keep buying from us and why new customers are attracted to us.

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