Black Dog Software Group

For over 35 years the founders of Black Dog Software Group, Inc. (BDSG®), have been leaders in the Property Management field. Together, we have managed commercial, retail, residential and industrial real estate.

With all of this experience under our belts, we knew what we wanted from a software application to help us manage our property portfolio – a one stop single source solution that allows us to manage our financial and operational functions from our desktops.

Founded in 2000, BDSG is the culmination of years of experience and inspiration which embodies the heart of our property management and accounting suite, BDproperty™.

As an ASP (Application Service Provider) our web-based, BDproperty is a
full-featured property management and integrated accounting suite that enables real time, centralized processing and reporting of all property management and accounting operations.

Fully scalable, BDproperty is ideal for any size office or organization (from one property with a few users to multiple properties with several users).

As a truly flexible software solution, BDproperty allows you to access your data from any location, anytime you need it.

Our web based design enables our clients to have more time to focus on their day to day business objectives, rather than on technology.

At BDSG our clients are our #1 priority. We view our clients as our partners as we help them find a solution that fits their needs. We stand apart in the industry by providing our clients free technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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