TeleVoices is a specialist provider of professional actors for vocal requirements in the telecommunications arena.
We provide the voices for a range of applications, including corporate voicemail systems, free & premium-rate information lines, hold messages or even the weather!
We specialise in working with our clients to pick just the right voice, national or regional accent, pace, tone & even language to meet the precise needs of brands, consumers, staff, stakeholders or perhaps constituents.
We work with end-user companies, systems integrators, resellers, even telephone system manufacturers. Our actors provide not just great voices, but real professionalism too - the process is quick, painless, & who knows - if 'your' actor makes it to Hollywood you could have a collectible voice!

TeleVoices is on the web at
TeleVoices is a part of Turns, a unique organisation which uses the skills & experience of professional actors & performers in business contexts. For more information about Turns see If you are a professional actor you can sign up with us there too.

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