.deliver innovative and trusted IT solutions around the world.


.our mind is targeted for innovation
.our heart is beating on commitment


GECAD was established in 1992 by Radu Georgescu as a Computer Aided Design development company. Over the time, GECAD’s focus shifted from CAD to security software, namely antivirus. Thus, RAV – Reliable Antivirus was developed in 1994 and, in 2003 - while having a well established distribution network in 60 countries and protecting over 10 Million users worldwide – was acquired from GECAD as technology by Microsoft. By that time RAV was the only platform independent antivirus technology in the world, being able to work on any operating system and processor. It was the living proof that GECAD’s innovation and commitment were a solid foundation for a successful company.

Based on the same values, GECAD started to develop new businesses with the same objective, deliver innovative and trusted IT solutions around the world. As before, research is again our way of life. As new solutions were developed, these were taken apart from the original “mother” company, to create a group of focused companies, each of them with their own business. The model of extracting technologies into companies was successful, based both on technology as an asset as well as based on people that created previous successes of the group.
GECAD Group numbers now five companies, each of them with a different core activity and very focused targets:

• AXIGEN – is developing a mail server that will launch in commercial version this September. The product has been made having in mind the highest demands of the most exigent systems administrators. In consequence, AXIGEN is a fast, reliable and secure mail server.
• Cvantage – provides contact center type of services and complex solutions for outsourcing customer relations, technical support activities and market research.
• ePayment – is the company that provides eCommerce and online payment solutions. A year after its launching, ePayment has in its portfolio over 200 customers.
• GECAD NET is focusing its business strategy on providing IT security services and technologies under the new brand Sentinet. In the last quarter of 2005, it will launch a new security technology. Beside IT security activity, GECAD NET is the company that continues the software licenses distribution, GECAD having in this domain a tradition of more than 10 years.
• GECAD Software is the support company for the other four business entities and it is also responsible for consolidation of the Group. The company is not active on the market and its customers are the other companies members of GECAD Group.

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