Panjkot Productions

Panjkot Productions

Panjkot Productions

Anna Green, founder of Panjkot Productions, developed the reality TV show satire, Operation Panjkot, to give people a laugh in the face of tragedy and to encourage them to donate to 

Red Cross Red Crecent, 

Doctors Without Borders.  (888-392-0392)

The people of Panjkot are facing starvation, exposure to freezing temperatures, rain, snow and serious untreated injuries.  Your donations are needed immediately.

Anna Green founded Panjkot Productions on October 27, 2005 after reading an article by Somini Sengupta in The New York Times. She was also inspired by The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

Anna Green is a 24 year old graduate of Tulane University with a BA in English and Spanish. She grew up in La Jolla, California and is currently writing her first book and seeking employment in Santa Cruz, California.

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