Owen Custom Cabinetry, Inc.

Owen Custom Cabinetry, Inc.

Owen Custom Cabinetry concentrates on high-end architectural custom cabinetry and commercial casework applications. As one of only a few true remaining custom cabinetry shops, all of our works are one-of-a-kind originals.

After completing 17 years of Master Craftsmanship, Jim Owen founded the firm with one vision . . .  Providing impeccable quality and timely delivery at a reasonable price. Jim would not put his family name on anything less. And as a privately held, family-owned business, we have the versatility to work within your budget and schedule.

Custom means choices - your choices! Your architect or interior designer can design your cabinetry and we will produce the project exactly as specified. Or we can assist you in the design of your own piece with all the art, functionality and quality you choose. 

While our headquarters is just outside of Chicago, we have custom designed, crafted and installed distinctive architectural works across the entire United States. We have the experience, knowledge and capability to produce the highest quality custom products for both commercial and residential sectors.


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