"Key Breakthrough Revealed at Water Technologies Expo"

The global pandemic has put a keen spotlight on the air people breathe and the water they consume. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now updated its air quality guidelines for the first time in 15 years as the U.N. agency says the harmful health effects of air pollution kick in at lower levels than previously thought.

Cooling towers, an essential component on large buildings and facilities (such as data centers), can become "super spreaders" of Legionnaires Disease, an acute bacterial infection of the lower respiratory tract that is not rare and causes severe pneumonia, due to the use of toxic treatment chemicals.

Expert chemical consultant, Loraine Huchler, presented at the annual Association of Water Technologies (AWT) convention an alternative and novel non-thermal Plasma Disinfection System (PDS) "continuous kill" solution, that in late breaking field test results demonstrate “use of PDS technology can eliminate cooling towers as a source of Legionellosis infections, no matter how much drift escapes from the cooling towers.”

Bill Gates has pointed out “as the global population moves to cities, the world’s building stock will double in area by 2060. That’s like adding another New York City every month for 40 years.”

PDS developer, CEO Patrick Hughes of Reverse Ionizer, LLC says, “PDS can make cooling towers safe and much more effective, which would lower the construction and operating costs of all new buildings.”

“The PDS can also be retrofitted into existing buildings and large facilities, which require huge amounts of water, usually corrosive reclaimed water requiring much greater chemical treatment. This in turn will lower risk exposure of the building owners while protecting the general public and surrounding communities from unnecessary air pollution,” Hughes added.


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