Arts Resources for the Tri-State

Arts Resources for the Tri-State

Our Mission:
To promote and facilitate performing and fine arts in the Tri-State Region through education connecting arts to literacy and enrichment programs.

To provide a center for performance, training, organization and community participation.

To provide education space, performance space, other areas dedicated to administrative, creative, storage and instructional needs.

To provide a home for area arts groups and arts educators to assist in service to the public.

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Company History

Arts Resources for the Tri-State began its mission of education and enriching the Huntington community in 1999. From its inception, the ARTS Renaissance Center became home to the Musical Arts Guild, River Magic Chorus and the Renaissance Art Gallery which exhibits works by Tri-State artist. Because of ARTS' passion for education and its desire for community involvement, an after school enrichment program was established to expose school aged children to dance, theatre, music and art.
In addition, ARTS has continued the much needed renovation of the facility at the Huntington High Renaissance Center. Many of the building's areas have been re purposed and refurbished to facilitate additional rehearsal, meeting and office space for numerous community organizations. Although ARTS has received some grants in the past and continues to pursue grant monies, these funds do not fully meet the fiscal needs of this facility and its mission.
ARTS has also become a leader in performing arts productions. By taking advantage of our local talent and bringing in seasoned professionals on occasion. ARTS is dedicated to providing audiences with a variety of quality entertainment.
We encourage you to support our mission by becoming a patron of ARTS. Your support will help ensure the continuation of quality entertainment, education and community service for many years to come.