Ravenark Boats

Ravenark Boats (www.ravenark.com) is a rugged performance boat brand focusing on aluminum design and manufacture of seaworthy boats between 23 and 57 feet.

The Primary Mission of Ravenark Boats is to provide the highest quality performance aluminum boats that are fully designed and welded far superior to lighter typical production boats.

The company, ZNautical Boatworks, manufactures a line of Ravenark aluminum Boats, and also a line of Ravenark Bootlegger aluminum boats.


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Company History

Ravenark Boats

Ravenark Boats was conceived after the founder has spent nearly 30 years in custom manufacturing, US Coast Guard and government service, commercial banking and global airline business. There is a need for hand crafted fully designed and fully welded aluminum boats in the twenty-five and thirty foot ranges for families and organizations who prioritize safety and performance.

The need is really about the need for engineered boats that can last 50 years when well taken care of, this means frame spacing, longitudinal girders and all welded aluminum self bailing decks.

The name Ravenark Aluminum Boats is derived because just as the Ark was a safe haven in tempestuous seas so is the Raven a most intelligent and formidable bird. The Raven is considered by many cultures to be the superior primate in intellect and physical endurance. The legend goes that after 40 days and nights Noah released a Raven from the Ark and it flew back and forth scavenging the Earth, was 100% self sufficient and did not return to the ark.

The name Ravenark perfectly represents our philosophy of building aluminum boats beginning with intelligently designing our boats and delivering hell-for-stout quality to our discerning customers on the world's toughest waters.