Artist Jane Rubin

Artist Jane Rubin

Artist Jane Rubin

Paintings. Drawings. Dance. Sound. New store opening soon

Jane Rubin is a Dancer Who Paints — and composes sound and music.

Jane Rubin is an exhibited and published painter and multidisciplinary artist and creative director. Born and raised in York, PA, Jane resides in New York City. In addition to creating Contemporary Art, Jane also founded and runs a boutique advertising, branding, and design agency: TOTALVIEW Global.

In her recent art — Jane drew and painted male basketball players and baseball players in motion — in real-time — which she can do as a result of her own athletic coordination. Jane was a serious ballet dancer in childhood and was considered to have the potential to dance professionally. Jane was also viewed as having the musical talent to become a professional pianist.

In her 20s, Jane Rubin was a "Selected Artist" in the highly competitive Whitney Museum of American Art ISP — Jane was selected for The Whitney Program without an interview — a rarity. She received her MFA Degree at CalArts. She taught Media Communications at School of Visual Arts in the late 1990s.

Jane's paintings, drawings, and multimedia art have been exhibited in New York City and in Los Angeles since her early 20s. Jane has also given live performances in New York and LA.

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