Bee K. Bee Prints

Bee K. Bee Prints

Bee.K.Bee Prints Pvt. Ltd.,, is well known in the industry as dyers for all kinds of export quality fabric, having an  experience of 25 years. Bee.K.Bee Prints Pvt. Ltd. is a processing unit having an installed capacity of 40,000 to  50,000 mts dyeing per day.
The unit has been set up with the latest technology machines like Maxi Jiggers, Jet Dyeing, Hot Air Stenter,  Mercerising,Peaching, Combing, Zero- Zero, Soft flow dyeing and a JT 10 machines with the help of which,  we  are able to bleach & dye 10,000 mtrs. fabrics of 63" width in one lot.  

We use DYSTAR & CIBACRON DYES. . The process house offers special finishes like Water repellant,   Water proof, Silicon , Peach, Zero-Zero, Cord and Velvet Combing, etc.

Bee.K.Bee has an in-house R&D laboratory back up for complete quality control and product development.

Having a full range of processed (Cotton and Viscose Dyed) fabrics like: Cotton Linen, Corduroy Wales, 100 % Linen, Georgette, Cotton Crepes, C Voil and Poplin.

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