Ballistic Entertainment

Ballistic Entertainment

Ballistic Entertainment began in 1996 when writer/director Zachary Yoshioka created the live action short film, THE PARTY. After placing in a small film contest sponsored by Teen People Magazine, he went on to making many more films. Competing in the Cine-Nites Film festival, The Southwest Film and Video Festival and the Teenage Film Festival, Ballistic Entertainment found little satisfaction.

Reaching as many people with their message became the ultimate goal of the crew. Therefore, in the spring of 2002 Ballistic premiered URBAN PRESSURE to a sold out audience of 400 people at the infamous TEMPE CINEMAS. With the success of Urban Pressure, Ballistic now had an underground following of loyal fans. In 2003, they produced and premiered PREMONITION, REBOUND, and TURN to audiences of no less than 350 people. In 2004, SYNTHETIC TRUTH, DISK JOCKEY, and CAPTURE THE FLAG (in 2005) premiered to no less then 600 people.

Producing films and promoting non-stop lead Ballistic Entertainment into Arizona culture. Appearing in THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, THE ARIZONA TRIBUNE, GET OUT, THE NEW TIMES, THE WARNER WRANGLER, COLLEGE TIMES, TRASH CITY, and other respected papers in the valley, along with radio support from KTAR 620 and THE EDGE 103.9 has helped build Ballistic’s audience.

Creating music videos for local bands such as THE COVER-UP and THE STRAND has gained Ballistic the support of the local music scene as well as opening up doors to produce music videos for national acts such as AUTHORITY ZERO, THREE DAYS GRACE, KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, STORY OF THE YEAR and many more.

Working closely with KEVIN ZINGER at Suburban Noize Records along with doing work for CAPITOL RECORDS, WARCON RECORDS and MAVERICK RECORDS, lead Ballistic Entertainment into the world of shooting shows such as THE VANS WARPED TOUR and EDGEFEST 2004!

The Crew is currently premiering their 15th feature film, three CAN KEEP A SECRET! So look out everybody...
Ballistic Entertainment is back again!

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