AgroMicron Ltd. targets the development of Rapid Early Detection (RED) products. These products identify possible pathological threats from bioterrorism to pathogens plaguing global agriculture, animals and people. We are in the process of developing simple field kit flu virus detection systems that will potentially isolate the H5N1 Avian Flu. Once our system is completed, we will be able to readily identify several common strains of influenza within minutes and isolate its host from further human to human contamination. Agromicron, Ltd is currently developing a low cost, system that will readily identify a broad range of food related pathogens, such as common Salmonella and E-Coli. Our Nano Bioluminescent Spray, when applied, will react with the pathogen strain and produce a visual glow for easy detection.

Aside from our quest to find rapid to solutions to modern day problems, we are also committed to the revitalization of damaged eco-systems as a result of excessive deforestation. Agromicron Global Reforestation Initiative is assisting countries and governments from around the world by offering rapid growing trees so in the future we might be able to breathe a bit easier…

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