, the web based audio mastering studio online, offers customers around the globe professional music mastering online. Customers can create an account on the website to exchange files with the service and book a online mastering session for their music.

The mastering engineers Oliver Belz & Alexander Zwarg have worked for major record companies like BMG Germany & UK, Columbia, Universal, EMI, Virgin and Warner as well as for plenty of independent record labels across the globe. offers two indepedent mastering suites, both with highly optimized room acoustics, high-end monitoring systems and equipped with some of the most advanced audio processing tools available nowadays. Superior analog gear by Manley, Cranesong, Drawmer, Pendulum or Chandler is coupled individually with the latest in digital technology to enhance the clients' audio as much as possible, bringing the sound quality of their productions up to commercial sound standards.

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Company History

Founded by Oliver Belz and Alexander Zwarg in 2003, was one of the pioneers of professional audio services via internet and is nowadays a reputated name in Europe's media industry.

The online mastering studios in Germany serve a client base of 1000+ customers worldwide, delivering professional audio mastering expertise and superior service to bands, musicians and record labels in more than 35 countries.

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