Secure Edge Technologies Pty Ltd

Secure Edge Technologies Pty Ltd

Secure Edge Technologies (SET) supplies, implements, monitors and supports Access and Environmental Control solutions that are used by its customers to Secure and Protect their Sensitive and Strategic Assets.

SET have been quick to meet the demand for common access and environmental control platforms.
Historically these systems were supplied by disparate groups of vendors and end-users had to negotiate the competing requirements of their ICT, security, and facilities management staff to identify the partial solutions offered by competing vendors. 

With such diverse technologies and requirements many companies have discovered their own black hole, where management and functionality are unknown and untested. These companies don't know what will happen in the event that they are struck by some form of catastrophe. 

SET has removed this uncertainty. SET will implement a coherent, integrated Asset Management solution that is not only designed to meet individual requirements but tested to make sure that it will safely meet each customers functional and operational requirements.

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